ZeoPet Nano

ZeoPet Nano is a complex liquid nutritional supplement for pets (with a special composition for dogs of different breeds).

ZeoPet Nano is made of high-quality natural mineral – Zeolite – in a special spatial configuration: Clinoptilolite. The liquid fraction represents zeolite microparticles in a dynamic equilibrium with an aqueous solution (refined and processed water).

ZeoPet Nano is a fast, safe, and natural sorbent, ion exchanger, and catalyst with the highest efficiency indicators.

The liquid nutritional supplement ZeoPet Nano is based on natural zeolite microparticles that help improve and aid several physiological processes in the body, such as:

  • General improvement of the immune system and increased resistance to certain diseases (fungal and bacterial etiology)
  • Normalization of the mineral balance, which becomes visible in the improved quality of fur and skin
  • Effective prevention and protection of liver and kidneys from the destructive effects of mineral imbalance and toxic impacts of low-molecular free radicals
  • In combination with its mineral components, zeolite acts as an efficient sorbent (cleaner) that not only improves the function of the digestive and immune systems, but also has a positive effect on the animal’s overall life span

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